straight s-x between a female(0) and a male(1).
pete inserted his (1) inside olivia’s (0) and it was the best he eveer had (0+1).

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  • hairy savage

    a fearless human, with ape and savage like characteristics. has no self control, and is wild. jumps around, and is different than a normal human. andrew calm down you hairy savage! man, that hairy savage needs to take it easy

  • hapak

    slang for douchebag can also be subst-tuted for tool “look at that tool” “he’s such a hapak”

  • luvin'it

    expression of happyness and satisfaction of a situation or and object.related to macdonald’s cheezy advertis-m-nt campain involving even more cheezy pop artists.(can often be followed by a cheezy gingle along the lines of: badabapabahhhhh…..for extra cheezyness….bless this mess) woooh bukkake is on tv for one night only…mmmmmhhh i’m luvin’it…badabapabahhhhhh!!!


    abbreviation of laugh until we all p-ss ourselves, only to be used in extreme circ-mstances of hilarity not to be used lightly if used lighly, you may cause severe damage to your popularity john: omomg, guess what? steve: hear what? john: fred tried to jump over the river on his bike, his bike caught a […]

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    the devil’s number 666 backwards in binary. “0101100101!” that’s jibberish.

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