derogatory term for amsterdam, mainly used by people from rotterdam. 020 is the phone prefix for amsterdam. (whereas for rotterdam it is 010, which looks more primary.)
a: i visited amsterdam last week.
b: d-mn, you visited 020?! i wouldn’t even dare to go near that place!
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020 is a savage gang located in sorrento and surrounding suburbs in western australia. originally named the “020 crew”, 020 was formed to patrol the deadbeat and ho quota in the area with the postcode “6020”. since being in power, the deadbeat quota has fallen to below .1% and the ho quota has increased to 30%. a job well done. the members can often be seen lapping west coast drive yelling “020” and all the ho’s, just to remind them to put-out. 020 have recently invested in some patrol vehicles, they opted for atv’s or “quads”. think of them like luxenburg, they govern themselves.
ho: “i got put on the spastic eagle by 5 members of 020 the other day”

deadbeat: “020 f-cked me up the other day because i tied up my shoelace in the jurisdiction, which i now know is not allowed”

grandmother: “every member of 020 fisted me the other day, it was f-ckin awesome”

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