what 1337 -ssholes will call you if you’re a |\|00|3.
omfg! you’re so 0226!

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  • Blueberry Barrel

    when one wraps their p-n-s with a sheet of sand paper and secures it in place with a condom wrapped around the shaft. while engaging in -n-l s-x, the friction causes the condom to gradually break and exposes the sand paper to the -n-l rim – which quickly bleeds and causes hemroids to pop like […]

  • blumpkinette

    the same as the traditional blumpkin, only difference being the recipient is a female paul loved itzia so much he gave her a sweet blumpkinette.

  • Blundir

    eating a meal so large that you feel like youve eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one and dont eat the rest of the day. having a blundir at denny’s, cracker barrel or bob evans. my favorite blundir place is bob evans.

  • Blythe Doll

    blythe (pr-nounced blaɪθ). a 28cm doll with a disproportionately large head created by us designer allison katzman in the 1970s. after creating her doll katzman began taking blythe everywhere with her and photographing blythe’s every move. in 2002 katzman released a book of photos of blythe with chronicle books ent-tled ‘this is blythe’. the popularity […]

  • just chillen

    originated when someone told there mother or father they were “just chillen” they meant joint cheifing, or smoking a joint. joint cheifing and just chillen both start with a j and a c. mom: what are you doing at his house?! son: nothing… just chillen mom. mom: okay!

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