in marine corps terms (which, of course, are the only ones that matter…), the mos for one who is gonna “get some.” not to be messed with. they are the backbone of the marine corps, and the reason there is a marine corps. if you don’t believe me, ask one.
picture an all powerfull g-d. with that image, you’re getting close… but its hard to describe a marine in any other way, especially one with the designation 0311.
rifleman mos in the marine corps infantry field. a killer.
“private davis, you and the rest of the 0311’s pick up your packs and move.”
improper pr-nunciation for united states marine corps, military occupational specialty (mos) code for infantry rifleman.
listen up t-rd! it’s o311 not 0311! let it happen again!
a job in the u.s. marine corps that is labeled as rifleman, but often performs other jobs that its description lacks.
i’m an 0311 but i carry a 240, a medical bag, a radio, and i also lead point on patrol and sweep for mines.

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