blood terms for kill the crip
o sh-t that crips in blood territory.. yo man 041!

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  • Cael

    a petty thief – often known for stealing goods such as: lighters, marijuana, sweets, tobacco, and riizla papers. also known for standing people up and lying about doing so, and just generally paring people off. bare. brandon: nah, my mate got off from my gaff yesterday with my dench black clipper lighter and two rollies. […]

  • Spontsex

    s-xual intercourse that occurs spontaneously. kitten loves sponts-x. it doesn’t matter where she is. when the mood strikes, watchout!

  • spoon feed that ho

    when your f-cking a girl, you pull out, bust ur nut on a spoon and tell the girl she doesnt look well… so you shove that spoon all the way down the b-tch’s throat yo, last night i spoon feed that ho, and she f-cking swallowed all that sh-t.

  • Loneyislander

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