the year in the 21st century where games from sega met satan himself. possibly the worst game ever, sonic 2006 features sh-t controls, horrible graphics, terrible gameplay, b–st–lity, furries, terrible acting, lag, and so much more. it will remain in our hearts as the game that that should be buried next to the et atari games.
sonic 06 made me want to light my b-lls aflame, cartwheel to ohio, drive a nail through my -ss, and shoot and burn the orphanage all at the same time.
a sh-tty car usually “pimped out” to look cool or kept to “dealer look”. the rims usually are “stock” or “over done” and look stupid. the year of the car varies but mostly pertains to the vehicles produced in 2006 hence the the slang term “06”.

the car is usually owned by a “wigger” or a weak “rag head” and is usually an old honda, suzuki or bmw. by owning this car he or she feels “bigger” and may or may not have a size issue.
that honda has the look of an 06
06 or 6 a word commonly used in northern minnesota that means weed of any kind (oh six)made for the purpose of talking about weed in public without worry of people catching on to the conversation.
hey dude wanna go smoke some 06
the scale used by dr. kinsley in the movie kinsley. 0 being compleltly heteros-xual and 6 being complelty h-m-s-xual.
“on a 0-6 scale, most people married range from a 2-3 which is astounding to me”
to end, take away or get rid of
“i’ll 06 your face”

“as for the haters, i’ll 06 those punks with a quickness.”

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