this is something that describes ode and a person that appears to be a skinhead
look at that 0703-1, isn’t he a skinhead

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  • alawada

    alawada in yoruba language of nigeria means a joker, clown, slob, jester, comic etc. the man applied to be a medical doctor and he doesn’t even have a secondary school certificate?! alawada.

  • lawrjenn

    an awesome girl who is full of energy and always wants to have a good time lawrjenn: life of the party 🎉

  • lisevick

    a completely b-tchy person who hates all and is rich and lives in a huge house omg! don’t invite that lisevick to the party!

  • disuncomfortable

    when something is so cringy and inappropriate that that you reach another level of discomfort. did you see that guys haircut? it made me disuncomfortable. aa

  • shit my wack

    cr-p your panties omg that haunted house was so scary i totally sh-t my wack

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