scam or scandal
she’s a major 076.

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  • killer trebuchet

    something being top notch, really cool, or particularly on point. “check out my new chicken hat.” “killer trebuchet! “

  • Knackerphile

    noun. – a term used to describe an uncontrollable s-xual fascination and attraction with people from the travelling community. “terry never leaves the halting site. he’s such a knackerphile!”

  • labrie

    to have singing/vocal capabilities beyond that of 99% of society. named after dream theater’s vocalist james labrie, who is regarded as one of the top progressive rock/progressive metal vocalists in history. “my daughter sung in her school’s talent show, and proved to be quite a labrie. she won first place!”

  • life-flighted

    (verb) to be evacuated from an emergency scene by an helicopter air ambulance. to get the child immediate medical attention, he was life-flighted to memorial hermann hospital.

  • liiizard

    a disgusting old lady that exchanges s-x for money or meth ”dude your ex was a liiizard”

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