the zip code of the best.
dude, this letter is coming from 08724, it must be awesome

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  • audio trip

    a psychedelic experience in which the user trips in their sense of sound. phil lesh was giving me mad audio trips, man.

  • Clampire

    one who goes down on a woman while shes on her period. shawns wife was on the rag but he doesn’t mind. he uncorked it and still went down. hes a clampire….

  • Ice Dipping

    the freezing of one’s h-m-s-xual lovers “brown stinking otters” to enable the perfect ice cold -n-l d-ld-, at leisure. omn a hot summers day. probably. prince phillip – oh no, a power cut, no ice dipping for me tonight!


    a type of mitten knitted using fine sized needles from worsted wool. they are made aproximately 30% larger than needed for the finished size, then boiled in hot water and left to air dry. the mitten when shrunken is almost waterproof and very warm. grandma made me a pair of boiled mittens.

  • pinkmacintosh

    bit gayish nerd term. – poolinho slaps mazingol around with a pink macintosh

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