0________0 ( 1 zero, followed by 8 underscrolls, ending with 1 zero) is a mysterious “user” in the most popular indie game for pc, minecraft. according to milonkis travier, 0________0 was being developed as a new mob that was to be released in a mod compilation, and was to be shown to the mojang team in an effort to be actually used in the game. this “mob”, according to travier, “is supposed to be a powerful new monster that is unique in different ways. this mob has the capable features of recognizing players within an extreme, 100 block radius. when it spots a user, it will linger about in the air or climb on top of high elevations to “stalk” its “prey.” if confronted with the player having no item in the hand, it will freeze, and possible run away. when confronted by a user holding an item, such as a sword, it will become hostile and attack all users within a 50 block radius. this was developed into an “npc” and is able to join other servers (non whitelisted)

the abandoned and unfinished mod compilation was to feature:

-m-ssive generated dungeons

-new mob 0_______0
-new ores
-new biomes
-natural disasters
-+30 new smelting possibilities
-+60 new items
– dungeons in the nether
-battle axe, throwing shards
-much more
i just spotted 0________0 in my server!

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