the ebay robot. built in order to hunt down those that take advantage of e-auctions.
dude, you better pay the shipping and handling or {0_o} will come and castrate you
some stupid robot that’s crazy…but then again >°) is cool3r.
“chomp ate the crazy robot.

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    just like lmao but it’s laugh my asian -ss off. asian girl: wow. that’s sucha good joke….hahhahaah(asian accent) lmaao!

  • load gulpers

    girls taking the sperm in their mouth and swallowing them. look at these load gulpers, they like the taste of my c-mshot

  • 0o0"

    really scared and worried chanku: my laptop screen is messing up…sh-t crazyguy562: oh no crazyguy562: 0o0″

  • Doyy

    a word, similar in meaning to the phrase “well duh”. person a. is that lettuce in this salad? person b. doyy dog and boy mixed together. pr-nouced like toy, just doy. it sound like you sayin’ dwight. its like duhwooyt. just say that fast. what’s poppin’ doyy.

  • lockage

    the locks, keys and paraphernalia -ssociated with the security of an entranceway. the lockage of the art room is very important because of the risk of theft or vandalism.

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