highly intelligent person
he’s really smart he must be an 0fjustin

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  • Sohil

    sohil is a persian but doesn’t act like it. a.k.a “white washed”. “sohil’s” usually skateboard and listen to heavy rock. “yo dude i’m so sohil” “that guys so white washed! thats what i call a sohil!”

  • 0 fuks are given

    when u don’t give a f@#% my boss tried to fire me today. but i already have another offer so 0 f-ks are given.

  • 0 Girls 1 Cup

    similar to 2 girls 1 cup – but without the girls. p-rn for boring people. typical viewer of 0 girls 1 cup: oh, baby. the curves of that gl-ss just turn me right on. make sweet cup-love to me now, and don’t look back. 2girls1cup’s ugly enemy, they stand to protect the cup from all […]

  • Fezzie

    a girl that fakes being a lesbian just for attention i met this girl at the lesbian bar last night and it turns out she just wanted to fool around… darn fezzies!

  • Lütgeneder

    the most awesome town in germany. inhabitants can drink the most, make the best parties and have the hottest chick. thats definitely the town to visit when youre in germany. this doesnt count however for the nearby forest and its inhabitants! das wir lütgenederer sind mein lieber mann, d-ss weiß ein jedes kind, mein lieber […]

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