a cs god
0ppa are you kidding me!

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  • lounger

    one who lounges; that is, frequents c-cktail lounges and indulges in cl-ssic vices reminescent of an earlier time in american history: those of music, c-cktails, fashion, flirting, and all manners of witty conversation. that sharp gent over there smoking a churchill and sipping a sidecar? great conversation sure, but don’t ask him to dance — […]

  • damyia

    damyia is smart and likes to be on her phone . she don’t like school neither does she like the teachers she only have one sister and her favorite color is blue . she likes to dress and clean she’s beautiful asf and can’t n-body tell her different she cries a lot when people yell […]

  • presslynn

    presslynn is a kind hearted girl. she loves everything and everyone. she’s very beautiful. but not in a pet-te or plus sized way. she has curves which she can see as shameful or disgusting, but in reality all that plumpity plumpness is beautiful. presslynn is so insecure, but i think she’s beautiful.

  • clout wife

    a girl that is stunning and beautiful and knows how to dress usually yung ezekiel has three of these bruh bella thorne is a clout wife.

  • moray college

    a place of education in elgin, scotland. known for being terrible and making you feel as though you have become dumber rather then smarter. person 1: you going to moray college? person 2: i would much rather slide a gl-ss tube into my urethra and hit it with a hammer. person 1: ….. oh.

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