owch written with a zero instead of an o.
0wch not owch

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  • Lao-Shan Lung

    a giant dragon, nearly impossible to kill. it has no wings and can smash through almost anything. don’t p-ss it off. a dragon on monster hunter freedom 2. i finally got the lao-shan lung quest. i tried to kill it, but it killed me instead. it was huge.

  • Hastings, MN

    a city of about 22,000 twenty miles outside of st paul. full of helicopter moms who think the sun rises and sets out of their children’s -sses. also has a substantial number of kids who think they’re country because they live a mile ouside of town on a 3 acre lot with a pool, drive […]

  • Hi-definitely

    equivalent to “i definitely” but said in a manner to reference hi-def televisions to vividly emphasize your point. “hi-definitely see her br–sts popping out of her dress over there”

  • h4t

    when a person loses there treasurous hat, and really wants it back and starts to cry about it. when joe lost his hat he was all p-ssed off at first, but then started to cry about it by saying.. “whoevers got my pickey hat gimme it back” “whoevers got my pickey hat gimme it back” […]

  • carbonoid

    the stuff in chocolate that makes yellow labrador retrievers yellow. bobo (yellow lab): hey dad, if you don’t give me that chocolate right now, i’m going to turn gray tonight from carbonoid deficiency! dad: too bad. chocolate is not for dogs. bobo: i’m not a dog!

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