the cost of freedom, according to the song in “team america: world police.” pr-nounced “buck-o-five.”
“freedom isn’t free, it costs folks like you and me
and if we don’t all chip in, we’ll never pay that bill
freedom isn’t free, no there’s a hefty f-ckin’ fee
and if you don’t throw in your buck-o-five, who will?”
-“freedom isn’t free,” from “team america”

order-taker: “welcome to mcdonald’s, can i take your order?”
kevin: “i’m not too hungry today…just get me some freedom, some ice water, and 15 ketchup packets.”
order-taker: “would you like freedom fries with that?”
kevin: “no, just the plain old freedom, the water, and the…um…catsup.”
order-taker: “ok, that’ll be $1.05. pull ahead to the first window.”

billy: “man this patriot act is bullsh-t. what happened to good old freedom?”
judd: “well when they were collecting everyone’s $1.05, i was a nickel short. that might have something to do with it.”
billy: “f-ing douche bag.”

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