1-10: female attractiveness scale

1-10: female attractiveness scale: a scale, used by men and lesbians, that -ssigns a number from 1 to 10, representing the “f-ckability” of a female. this scale defines lowest numbers (1-2) as extremely undesirable (may require head bags) and defines the highest numbers (9-10) as extremely desirable (you will drool and c-m in your pants before touching, maybe even before talking, to said female). the middle range of numbers (3-8) is defined as average desirability. it is within this range that most females will fall. this is the range where your chances for satisfaction (i.e. hot, wet p-ssy) are the best! most men rate females a little too high on the scale when boasting prowess and a little too low when his advances are met with rejection.
1-10: female attractiveness scale: man #1: too bad julie is so fugly, she sounded nice over the phone.
man #2: was she really that bad?
man#1: yeah, like a total 2 , on a scale from 1-10 – i would have to bribe the dog with peanut b-tter to get him to touch that ugly birch!)

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