1-10 female rating scale)

the scale of how you rate a female. being usually one as just, ew… and ten as holy sh-t i want to f-ck her
douchebag john: i go by the 1-10 female rating scale) and kim get a 69 cus d-mn dat -ss doe

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  • b*tch get outta my lawn

    what you say when a b-tch n-gg- get on yo lawn and start rubbin his nipples and juggling fedoras with his feet b-tch get outta my lawn, yo sh-t belongs in the kookoo bin, now go before i swing my rope and swing yo b-tch -ss to yemen. i ain’t playin motherf-cka!

  • capitated

    to not have ones head cut off “dude, did you see that guy get decapitated last night?” “yeah, thank god i’m still capitated”

  • life-flight

    to carry someone away quickly. a drunk girl fell down the stairs at the party last night. five guys life-flighted her to the car for a trip to the emergency room.

  • canadian favour

    i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. sorry aboot that. alternate definition: apologising after every thrust during intercourse. oh, he gave me a real canadian favour last night, eh.

  • tryhardhoe

    female or male human who tries very hard to be a hoe. usually attracted to married men/women. melissa sell is a big tryhardhoe she sends perez nudes all the time, even though he is married. debby likes being a tryhardhoe, it brings in business for her.

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