1-10 male attractiveness scale

1. domineering -sshole who’s nothing but a hairy blob of fat that deserves to be castrated.
2. a pathetic douchebag who lost his virginity to his dad since he can’t get any woman including his mom to even p-ss on his face (single for the rest of his d-mn life).
3. pimp that loves women to sh-t on him (including the poor souls he sold into prost-tution).
4. creep that keeps on stalking women no matter how many times he’s punched in the face.
5. just a plain unattractive jobless deadbeat who lost his gf to a more successful man.
6. not bad looking even though people would give stares if you were seen with him since you could do much better
7. okay for one night stands (nothing but a walking d-ld-)
8. hot af and already has a gf
9. women just can’t stop staring at him

10. god’s greatest present to womankind and a great accessory to take with you when you go out whether it’s to the mall or show him off to your girlfriends. not only good looking but also has three good filled pockets. 😉
girl 1: d-mnnn, what a hottie .
girl 2: nah, i wouldn’t f-ck that. on the 1-10 male attractiveness scale, he looks more like a 6-7. i would date him if he ate me out day and night though, let me ride his face, and give me all his money.

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