1-10 Scale (of female attractiveness)

a scale typically used for judging the physical attractiveness of a female, most commonly used by male teenagers and early 20-somethings.

the scale is, for the most part, used subjectively by the individual, but it is also common practice for groups of friends to attempt to establish a more objective standard of attractiveness which is applicable to most if not all females.

the qualities -ssigned to each number are:

1: too ugly to look at.
2: too ugly to touch.
3: too ugly to f-ck.
4: below average.

5-6: the average (usually) sits between these two.
7: above average.
8: i would.
9: i definitely would.
10: bangable.
(using decimal or fractional intervals is also not unheard of, e.g: 8.5 or 8 and 1/2)

the scale can be represented as a bell-curve, where 5-6 is the most frequently occurring and where 1s and 10s are quite rare.
two frat bros arguing about the 1-10 scale (of female attractiveness):

guy 1: dude do you see that 10 over there? buy her a drink bro come on.

guy 2: are you f-cking kidding me dude? she’s like a 4. stop joking around.

guy 1: screw you. i’m sending a photo to chris to see what he thinks.

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