1-10 Scale

the rating scale for people’s looks.

it goes like this.

1- monster can’t look at them or they’ll burn your eyes out.
2- heinous, busted- needs plastic surgery.
3- plain ugly- someone who was born ugly.
4- below average/unattractive- someone you’d never go out with.
5-average, could be slightly unnatractive, someone you wouldn’t look at twice.
6- barely do-able, that’s if they’re “endowed” in other places. if not, you most likely wouldn’t. but they can look ok if they try hard.
7- cute/doable- someone you wouldn’t be ashamed of. definitely date material/maybe more.
8-general hot/good looking- may or may not be exotic looking or just average hot, but definitely someone you’d f-ck, want to have a long term relationship with.
9-super smoking hot- people you don’t see in public often and someone you’d die to f-ck.
10- perfection- dosen’t exist but someone can be as high as a 9.9, close to it.
the 1-10 scale is pretty accurate.
1 – beyond ugly

2 – ugly

3 – near ugly

4 – below average

5 – average: you’re friends wouldn’t be impress!

6 – above average/cute: no major complaints.

7 – very attractive/hot/pretty or handsom: someone you’re proud to show off in public. he or she gets a lot of attention.

8 – “beautiful” (man or woman)/all of a 7 and more: brag about having.

9 – drop-dead gorgeous/outrageously beautiful/all of an 8 and more: minimal flaw that is over looked by most.

10 – close to “perfect”/one in a million: this person has a very beautiful symmetrical face, excellent body with great proportion, dresses well, knows how to carry himself or herself…
how hot is he/she on the 1-10 scale?
1-hideous, you can’t stand looking at them and is just awful looking and unattractive.

1 1/2-still not good looking but close to being almost just ugly. for a 1 1/2 means a lot.


3-you just don’t find them attractive and can’t help the way you feel. 3 is a harsh rating but usually easy to get over.

4-just plain ugly

5-average, may be slightly good looking but long way

5 1/2-so close to getting past average

6-cute, they don’t make you h-rny.

7-attractive but doesn’t make you s-xually driven.



10-you find them completely s-xy! you would have s-xual relations with them.
trey: what is linda on a 1-10 scale?

aaron: eww, she’s a 2.

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