1 = 2

the person before made a mistake in their proof.
1. x = y
2. xy = y^2
3. xy – x^2 = y^2 – x^2
4. x(y – x) = (y + x)(y – x)
so far so good.
4.5. x = (y + x)(y – x)/(y – x)] is what they did to get to step 5, which says:
5. x = y + x

this is wrong though. since x = y, y -x = 0, and so you can’t divide by y – x.
anyone who says 1 = 2 is wrong.

1 != 2
1. x = y
2. xy = y^2
3. xy – x^2 = y^2 – x^2
4. x(y – x) = (y + x)(y – x)
5. x = y + x
6. x = x + x
7. x = 2x
8. 1 = 2

as proven, 1 = 2, thus 0 = 1, etc. and so for any number i, there is an equivalent j that is not equal to i.

this is further explained in the ident-ty theft theorem.

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