1-2-3 RATING.

the alternative to the 1-10 scale rating for women. saying a woman is a “7.0” or a “6.5” is pointless as it does not answer the ultimate question; “would you hit it?” this is the only thing that should be going through your mind as you think about an attractive (or less than attractive woman)

and, so the breakdown…(for personal reasons we will begin at the middle (( 2 )) rating).

2 – hit it …nice and simple, you’d “hit” whatever it is you are talking about

3 – definitely hit it!!!! …absolutely, without a doubt, not only hittable but hittable to the extent that you’d buy her anything and shower her with diamonds to keep “hitting” it. usually a 3 doesn’t even have to be acknowledge as a 3, as by this point if you’re standing with a group of guys, you are all checking her out, up and down, down and up!

1 – “i’d let her blow me” now, this one is the flip side of the 3. the girl is somewhat cute (must be otherwise how could she blow something overly limp?) but just to get a nut off. no s-x, no going down on her, no diamonds!

now, if you’re looking at something so hideous that you wouldn’t hit it or let her blow your worst enemy, you are looking at something outside of reason, our exception to the 1-2-3 rating.

now, go out and use this powerful new tool that will make your life so much more simple than using the 1 – 10 scale!
i.e 1-2-3 rating.

jessica alba – 3 “i’d definitely hit it!”

jennifer carpenter – 2 “yeah…i’d hit it”

monica lewinski – 1 “i’d let her blow me”

monique – “outside of motherf-cking reason”

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