1 hander

typing with your right/left hand
because your left/right hand is busy
“genericnoname” just invented the word:

legerephobia – fear of going to college due to m-ss shootings
variant stem of legere to gather + t-mobile online cl-sses
it was a 1 hander!
via giphy

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  • normalize discomfort

    training through deliberate practice that results in -ssociating uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and body sensations as routine and not something to be avoided. i wish he would stop b-tch-ng about the heat and learn to normalize discomfort.

  • *nose tap*

    keeping something secret. how de fack u do that breh? -taps nose- you can also use -nose tap- but taps nose looks better it means “keep it secret” or “keep it hush-hush” person1: how did you know that?! person2: you’ll never know -nose tap-

  • n; r

    no replies on snapchat if you are busy you post “n; r”

  • nswf

    not so work friendly it’s like bringing dynamite to the office,,, nswf

  • nude prude

    when a girl says she’ll send nudes but then has a bra and thong on. shaun: hey do you send me something? zoe: why not babe. (sends pic with bra and thong ) shaun: your nude prude! zoe: bye b-tch!

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