1-line wednesday

1-line wednesday

1-line wednesday: a segment on the world famous chris daniel show, where listeners can play along by saying one line, and one line only. there is no screener, but nothing excessively obscene and no profanity is allowed. it is open to both am and fm broadcasts, but generally ruled by the am with an iron fist, while the fm tends to their sore bee-hinds for the next week.

notable examples include: “picking a candidate is like trying to choose which flavor suppository to purchase”, “am i the only one who finds it ironic that the world’s largest p-n-s museum is located in one of the coldest countries on earth?”, as well as many relevant and current political topics.

one-line wednesday is a staple of american freedom, as it is one of the most powerful ways to broadcast our first amendment right, once a week, every week, and enjoyed by patriots young and old.
chris: 1-line wednesday is up next guys, remember: you get one line and one line only. nothing obscene and no profanity.

chris: 1-line wednesday, go ahead.

fm caller: uhhh.. uhhh…

(hangs up)
chris: that’s your one line. let’s go to the am side…. 1-line wednesday, your turn.

am caller: if miley cyrus is now ‘pan-s-xual’… does that means i’m gonna have to hide my revere-ware?

chris and phil: ahahahaha… uhhh..

chris: only the ones with handles… hah… point to the am side.

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