1 teamer

does s-xual favors for all your friends.
that b-tch is a 1 teamer.

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    an ags prod is someone who pks at edgeville in bh on runescape. they can’t pk for sh-t but think that because they kill someone with the most overpowered weapon in the game they can. person 1:”oh dude that guy is such a ags prod.” person 2:”who?” person 3:”kenste.”

  • slajenis

    an extra p-n-s hanging from a person most commonly found on the lower abdomen, but some cases have been found on the bottom of feet and in some c-sses hanging from the nose. i woke up this morning and there was a slajenis hanging from my nose.

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    someone who thinks they are black look at dakota hall trying to be black

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    brian green is worse than being called a little jimmy. far worse than getting trolled. brian green lives to hate and will stop at nothing to make that clear to everyone on the wwebsite. jimmy: “he’s a brian green..” brian green: “brian green all day”

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    brickarms is a company that produces custom weapons for lego minifigures that is owned by will chapman and based out of redmond,wa and offers 42 weapons(sci-fi,ww2 and modern),6 weapon packs,4 custom minifigs and much more,and thier totally freakin’ awesome! i am going to go get some brickarms at brickarms.com

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