1 to 10 Attractiveness Scale

noun. a very common form of rating amongst males and females that is used for observing and rating other males and females in terms of general attractiveness. the scale measures general s-xual appeal as well as how good of a personality a person may possess. a low score would be considered a 1 (and sometimes 0 on a hyperbolic scale) and a 10 is the highest score any person can receive. people ranking on a 1 are akin to being naturally ugly and/or an awful person in general, and people getting a 10 are put on a god or goddess level. it is rumored, however, that no perfect 10 exists, and that there are small flaws in every 10 that is encountered that make or break the situation.
man, jessica is real fine. i don’t know if i’d date her, but i’d totally smash. she’s like a 6 or 7 i’d say.

guy 1: hey man, what do you think about chelsea?
guy 2: her? dude, probably the worst person i’ve ever met.
guy 1: what? no way. on the 1 to 10 attractiveness scale, she’s a solid 8 in my mind.
guy 2: she’s so gross and so rude that i can’t stand being around her. definitely a 1 for me.

my god, robert is probably the hottest guy i’ve ever seen. normally i’d say he’s a 10, but he always treats his girlfriends like sh-t, and never really compliments them. he’s at about a 4 for me now.

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