when you’re typing really fast on a keyboard and you want to type !!!!! but you don’t hold the shift key down long enough and type !!!!1
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element of punctuation used by morons in place of the period, the full stop, that little dot near the l key. note: one exclamation point is usually one too many. if you do plan to use more, please take care that you retain muscle control over the finger holding down the right-hand shift key. see also gay speak.
when you are so excited or so angry that you lift your hand off the shift key to early and accidentally put a “1” at the end of your numerous exclamation marks.
mother: get home now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
child: ugh okay!

jenny: i cant wait to finally have s-x with him!!!!!!!!!!111111111
dan: um i am you ex why are you telling me this?

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