10 10 recommend

really good
this song is so good, 10 10 recommend

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  • pulling a presh

    verb – hurting one self (usually while intoxicated) d-mnit janice, you need to stop pulling a presh when we have girls night out !

  • insufferable pr*ck

    a pr-ck(-sshole,jerk,b-tch,-sshat) who you absolutely cannot stand. derek is an insufferable pr-ck she is an insufferable pr-ck. i can’t even be in the same room as her.

  • skrublet

    the baby version of a skrub. tyler: i can hack haha. connor: no you can’t you skrublet! tyler: i’m not a skrublet! me: yes you are you skrublet!

  • baby face with the parted hair

    term of endearment used by the sea of admirers for a very handsome narcissistic paramedic. he has great skill in his craft, but this is overshadowed by his knee weakening good looks. not to mention that amazing hair baby face with the parted hair starts all the ivs in the er

  • grumpysmart

    describes the state of a lone belgian man preparing for his final exams. (belgian man might be replaced by any nationality and any s-x) he looked very grumpysmart while studying for his finals.

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