the best date to have in a relationship!!!!
10-17-13 i love our date!

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  • sthuper

    the way a feminine or sterotypical gay man says the word “super”. wow, donna that summer dress looks sthuper oh my gawd youy look fabulous!

  • jose queerbo

    the favorite beer among mexican h-m-s-xuals. hey mang, bring me a jose queerbo and give me a big wet kiss! don’t bring me a dos ickies, i can’tecatenymore!

  • kiersten vogt

    one true -ss gangsta that girl over there is a kiersten vogt

  • kiersten paradis

    the prettiest girl in the world, hands down. has a gorgeous smile and a bubbly personality happy . is a tomboy but is still pretty girly. wears all brand name clothes. usually chill but has a bad characteristic of freaking out around boys, but they all think shes cool. “oh my gosh kiersten paradis looks […]

  • joshing my bagels

    a phrase meaning you must be kissing my “baby” or in layman’s terms telling a false truth. used mostly in playful to s-xual contexts. robzilladilla: “hey man, why don’t you just kiss the baby.” peter jenkins: “child please, you must be joshing my bagels!”

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