apco 10-code for “i understand your transmission”
fairfax to car 459, we’ve got a 10-50 on 95 south of exit 150

10-4 means “ok,” “understood,” and “affirmative.” commonly known as cb radio lingo, originating from the need for brevity in radio transmission.
me–“is anyone there?”
respondent–” 10-4″(to indicate presence).

me–“let’s roll.”
respondent–“10-4″(to indicate agreement).
an acknowledgement
me: whats your location
you: just crossing the bridge
me: 10-4
means ten four
actnollegment of a statement
that was a nice shot!

10 4
a term for the semi-canon slash relationship between watanuki kimihiro and doumeki shizuka in clamp’s xxxholic manga/anime. it is derived from the combination of the first two kanji in the characters’ names: “hyaku” or “dou” (100) for doumeki, and “shi”, or “yon” (4; neither of the normal readings are used in watanuki’s name) for his love interest. because the xxxholic fandom is not large, and eventual 104 is (very) strongly implied in the plot, the terms are pretty much ubiquitous. 104 is also called donuts.
it’s been a while since i worked on any 104 fanfic…
1: noun, ten·four
phrase used as acknowledgement, either at the start or the end of a meeting between friends; can be used in place of h-llo or goodbye effectively.

2: adjective
used to describe mood, person, or occasion; meaning above average or rather good.
“10-4 mate how are you?”
“i’m 10-4 thanks, did you go to the roxy music gig last night?”
“yeah, brian ferry was immense, and i pulled!”
“cracking stuff mate, what was she like?
“she was 10-4”
“good times, ok mate, catch you later! 10-4!”
10.4 is the version name of apple’s os x tiger. therefore, 10.4 may be used as a subst-tute for the word ‘tiger’.
what’s the matter, 10.4?

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