10-90 F

a woman with a mullet
h-ll yeah she was a dyk-. she was even rocking a 10-90 f

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  • 1090 hot

    mad as h-ll chick 1: d-mn i lost ol girl food stamp card… chick 2: gra she gon be 1090 hot bout that chile, you might as well get the vaseline ready…

  • 10-94

    cb code for street racing in progress…yeah! we need a back up officer, we have a 10-94 in progress.

  • 1096

    1.) police code for a crazy person, a lunatic. 2.) sometimes used by crazy people (ie, scanner dan) to call non-crazy people names. 1.) cop: dispatch, we got a 1096 in front of walgreens on state st, i’m gonna need back-up. 2.) zac: a crazy! scanner dan: you’re crazy! zac: you’re crazier! scanner dan: you’re […]

  • 10 9 8 4

    from a distance, the chick looks like a 10. but as she gets closer, she goes from a 9, to an 8, to a 4. girl looks good from afar, but as she gets closer she goes from hot to not. she’s a 10 9 8 4

  • lay an omar

    to take a cr-p, to take a sh-t, to lay an omar oh sh-tttttttttt, i need to lay an omar, brb!!!

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