10 bag

£10 bag of skunk !!!!!!!
“mush sort me out wit a 10 bag”

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    picture this a young lad about 12 years of age and 4 ½ feet high baseball cap at ninety degrees in a imitation addidas tracksuit, with trouser legs tucked into his socks (of course, is definitely the height of fashion). this lad is strutting around, f-g in one hand jewellery al over the over, outside […]

  • 10 bears

    when people, chavs in general walk like they have a built in wave machine oh there he goes again walking like 10 bears

  • 10 bit

    £10 worth of weed (usually 1/16th of an ounce) see also: 10s, 10 bag sort me out a 10 bit for the weekend

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    an ncaa conference formed in 2011, when the pac-10 added utah and colorado, from the mountain west conference and big 12 conference, respectively. though receiving well-publicized invites over a year earlier, the two new schools officially joined on july 1st, 2011. the resulting 12-team conference was divided into two 6-team divisions, and rebranded the pac-12. […]

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    a pablo poocaso is when someone sh-ts on ones chest and then decides to recreate a pablo pacaso painting with there p-n-s as a paintbrush, or as some call it, a poobrush. hey justin bring your fat poobrush over here and finish this d-mn pablo poocaso that you started on zachs chest.

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