10 minutes

what a dealer says when he has left you waiting for weed for up to 3 hours then you ring to enquire on his whereabouts and proposed time scales. usually this figure is wrong and it will take up to another 30 minutes or another phone call. the dealer will then apologise for this and you just have to accept it as he is selling you weed and if you p-ss him off then no weed for you and a wasted night.
you “how long are you gonna be mate?”
dealer “10 minutes. i’m not far from there now.”

30 minutes later

dealer “sorry about the wait…how much you want?”
a term used when speaking on the telephone in a public place to communicate to the party on the other side of the conversation that you are uncomfortable speaking because someone else is able to hear your part of the conversation

although “10 minutes” represents one user’s chosen term, each couple must come up with their own phrase that is sufficiently commonplace to not raise suspicions when potentially used frequently
girlfriend (on other end of phone): “are you trying to tell me you don’t feel the same about me? i don’t get it.”

you (on phone): “no, that’s not at all what i’m saying.”

girlfriend: “you’re acting very weird, there must be something else. did you sleep with someone else?”

you: “oh, i’d say in about 10 minutes.”
the standard universal answer you give or are given when the following questions are asked:

how long you gonna be mate?
when is the food ready?
how far away are you?
how long will this take?

usually, 10 minutes is a gross underestimate and can actuallly mean anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours
on the phone…:

person 1: how far away are you?
person 2: o, only about 10 minutes?
person 1: cool i’ll see you there

person 2 only just woke up

angry diner: when is the food ready?! it’s been 30 minutes already!!
waitor: yeh, in about 10 minutes?

waitor tells the kitchen to start cooking

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