10 sack

ten dollars worth of marijuana
yo, i just got a 10 sack of some dank -ss sour d!!

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    midwestern urban slang used to describe a cl-ssless and tasteless male h-m-s-xual, that has no style, etiquette, or refinement. considered a slur also for the fact that it uses the stereotyped idea of male h-m-s-xuals being generally cl-ssy and/or refined, ordinarily having good taste in clothing, decorating, etc. a “burgerqueene,” on the other hand, has […]

  • 10 second c*m-slap

    the art of premeture -j-c-l-t–n upon entry (well, after about 10 seconds) and then being slaped in the face with a hand covered in c-m! “dude, i came to early so she gave me a 10 second c-m-slap” “no way!!”

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    when u take your own sh-t out of your -ss and use it for lube i ran out of lube so i gave myself a dirty mudslide

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    when the dog eats the cat box and pukes it back up. dude, connie’s dog just burgheled in my adidas!

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