to stay true;to be real;straight up
ima keep it 100 wit chu
being real. 100 percent genuine. integrity.
yo i keeps it 100, ya-feel me.
goodbye to the fullest. getting frisky with the meaning of goodbye.
person a: aight dawg i’m out.
person b: aight peace.
person a: 100
cigarette size 100 millimeters instead of 85 millimeters long
newport 100’s are bomb
found dead on the scene.
sherrif’s department said she was found 10-0.
n. 100 spoke rims. look similar to bike wheels except on a car. real gangsters have 100s.
got 100s on the caddy, diamond in da back.
the part of east oakland that goes tha most. yadadadigitmahnig!!
n-gg- 100’s on mines!! what u know bout that good o east oakland!

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