1,000,000,000,000th base

when you take 4 and a half banana peels and stuff the. inside the womans belly b-tton. then you proceed to sing karma chameleon while pouring jello into the females -n-s. then obama walks in naked and everyone dies. p-n-s juice is sprayed everywhere.
last night, i got to 1,000,000,000,000th base with that crazy asian girl. she looked like an elephant on acid.

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  • gronth

    to be in an awkward or embarr-ssed position “wow he just peed himself he must feel really gronth right now”

  • 1,000,000,000th base

    you must have s-x with chuck norris. only chuck norris has reached this base, as g-d was the original t-tle holder of this base. dude, i got 1,000,000,000th base last night! whole world; all hail the almighty omnipotent god of all who exist!

  • duo-chromatic

    being comprised of only two colors. ie. using one more color than something that is monochromatic. you: “i love your black and white jacket.” your friend: “yeah i felt like being duo-chromatic today.”

  • grolies

    medical shorthand. guardian reader of limited intelligence in ethnic skirt. female, 45, complaining of intense stress-related chest pain. diagnosis: grolies. prescription: 5mg ketamine, diurnal, to be taken -n-lly.

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    1.)adjective: a more advanced type of wh-r-, usually refering to a man. 2.)verb: huored, to be huored, to get screwed over royally. 1.) you got f–kin’ huored bro! (verb) 2.) dustin, your sucha huor (adjective) 3.) all fear the huor! (truth :p )

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