1000000th base

the act of having s-xual intercourse with everyone on the planet… at the same time, whilst watching an episode of the hit comedy ‘friends’

it is also not unusual to grow several detachable p-n-ses after u get to the one millionth and one base.
richard: dude i got to the 1000000th base last week!

paul: what! that means you had s-x with me! and my mum?! and my dad!!! you f-cker!!!! what friends episode were you watching?
taking a sh-t in sp-ce, and having s-x with the sh-t flying around you. when finished, smear the sh-t on your face and use it as face cream, whilst your parents film the act and a catholic priest cheering you on
i totes got to 1000000th base last night

thats alot of p–p

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