freaking awesome post made by a girl named olivia who might as well be beyonce
is that the 1000th post?? oh olivia..i mean beyonce

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  • lifeing

    deranged from the word “lifer”, a term used by marines when someone who is very tenative to the rules and regulations comes up to you and corrects a defficiency. an action by which someone comes up and tells you to tuck your shirt in, get a haircut, asks you if you shaved today, asks you […]

  • shartial

    a partial shart i thought i sharted, but it was only a shartial.

  • fudge sukka

    somone who licks other peoples b-ttholes. a person who tosses salad. that fudge sukka tossed my salad good.

  • shartinate

    sh-t + fart= shart + urinate = shartinate. to sh-t, fart and urinate all at the same time. 1. joslyn was laughing so hard that she shartinated and had to excuse herself to change her drawers and recover her dignity. 2. joslyn is now the shartinator.

  • shartsicle

    n. a wet frozen fart hey man, i had my first shartsicle in antarctica.

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