1001 nights

not 1001 knights. this has nothing to do with chivalry per se but a length of time; hence ‘nights.’

the book of one thousand and one nights – also known as the book of a thousand nights and a night, one thousand and one nights, 1001 arabian nights, arabian nights, the nightly entertainments or simply the nights – is a medieval middle-eastern literary epic which tells the story of scheherazade, a s-ssanid queen, who must relate a series of stories to her malevolent husband, the king, to delay her execution. the stories are told over a period of one thousand and one nights, and every night she ends the story with a suspenseful situation, forcing the king to keep her alive for another day. the individual stories were created over many centuries, by many people and in many styles, and they have become famous in their own right. notable examples include ali baba and the forty thieves and the seven voyages of sinbad the sailor.
mitch: — in a wannabe, i am a lit soph-m-re manner — “if this continues we are going to have to call in the 1001 knights; to quote the t-tle of a book.”

scott: “wrong again guy; it is ‘1001 nights’ as in ‘the evening.’ this is not a reference to guys in armour on the backs of horses!”

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