a worldwide known meeting of alcoholics anonymous. it is a young people’s meeting of aa located in scottsdale/tempe arizona. the formal name is the neither here nor there meeting of aa, however due to it’s unusual start time, it became known as the 10:08 or the 08 for short.

the meeting was started in arizona and has since spread to other states. it is known to be a little rowdier than most aa meetings, but still it carries the program’s message.

it is rumored that the neither here nor there meeting of aa started at 10:00pm originally, but because years ago seinfeld wasn’t over until 10:00pm, people wouldn’t arrive at the meeting until it was around 10:08. to accommodate the schedule the meeting changed the start time to 10:08 and a legend was born.
are you going to the 10:08 tonight?
i’ll see you at the 10:08!
a random time you give a friend who is worrying about such an arbitrary matter, to signify that the time doesn’t matter, the night is young, and plenty of more partying is to be had.
1: “does anyone know what time it is?”

“it’s 10:08. who cares? grab us some more beer!”

2: “it’s 10:08, b-tches! woooo!”
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