a 100 mbps ethernet standard specified to run over four pairs of category 3 utp wires (known as voice grade, hence the “vg”). it is also called 100vg-anylan because it was defined to carry both ethernet and token ring frame types.
100basevg was originally proposed by hewlett-packard, ratified by the iso in 1995 and practically extinct by 1998.
100basevg started in the ieee 802.3u committee as fast ethernet. one faction wanted to keep csma/cd in order to keep it pure ethernet, even though the collision domain problem limited the distances to one tenth that of 10baset. another faction wanted to change to a polling architecture from the hub (they called it “demand priority”) in order to maintain the 10baset distances, and also to make it a deterministic protocol. the csma/cd crowd said, “this is 802.3 — the ethernet committee. if you guys want to make a different protocol, form your own committee”. the ieee 802.12 committee was thus formed and standardised 100basevg. the rest is history.

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