all the way/ going hard
bro we’re totally 100it tonight

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  • p*ssykn*b

    1. a cl-toris 2. an insult directed towards someone who is acting in an unruly manner jenn is acting like such a p-ssykn-b today.

  • f*ckatary

    when people just do stupid sh-t to make you mad i can not handle this f-ckatary today trey! considering we just broke up you should go eat a d-ck. horse play thomas stop this f-ckatary at once!!

  • paussa

    to remove fecal matter from -n-s by dragging it across the carpet. “if church isn’t over soon i’m going to paussa down the aisle in front of the lord.”

  • scrinkle d*nkle

    a 3rd grade cuss word which in that time means “d-ckhead” or “f-ckface” 3rd grader 1: you are such a scrinkle d-nkle bryan 3rd grader 2: you said a no no word!

  • sharzod

    the most fabulous boov of them all ooohhhh daaannggg!!! look at sharzod go!!!

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