100th Precinct

the 100th precinct is an nypd police precinct located in the southern area of the borough of queens on the rockaway peninsula. the neighborhoods within the precinct are arverne, belle harbor, breezy point, broad channel, neponsit, rockaway park and roxbury. primarily it is a residential area consisting of housing projects, apartment buildings, one and two family homes, five to ten family tenaments, skids, skells, dopeheads, theives, crackheads, and zombies. this precinct covers almost every economic cl-ss from the dest-tute housing project dweller to filthy rich jewish diamond merchants all within a 6 square mile area. from what i understand, this area used to be very nice to live in until the housing projects were erected and the undesireables moved in. the cops that patrol this area are for the most part, functional r-t-rds. they are the f-ckups and morons that every other sh-thole command on the job got rid of for being incompetant. these cops are known to shoot dogs and have their legs snap at the first sight of conflict. this precinct is usually refered to by other cops as either “fort zero” or “fort r-t-rd” as in any cl-sterf-ck there are usualy a few hardworking cops with an iq of 70 or above that keep the place from burning. it should be noted that for one of the slowest police precincts in the nypd, the 100th precinct has the largest crime increase the entire city thus far in 2008. don’t listen to the ramones when they tell you to hitch a ride to rockaway beach, there’s a better than average chance you’ll get robbed.
“you see that r-t-rd cop over there picking his nose?”

“yea, he’s from the 100th precinct”

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