a net word that normal people use in replace of lol or lolz. it wont make you sound like a 11 yearold girl if you say 1015
“hey douglas, did you see peter tip over that gumball machine?”
“1015, yeah i did norm, then that old bag fell down after sliding on a few b-lls”
a girl that is attractive yet clearly too young to have s-x with!

10 minutes of fun, 15 years in jail!
a: holy sh-t look at that hot chick.

b: dude she is like 12! what a 10-15!

a: nice!!
a jumpoff. just another way of secretly expressing someone is a sl-t if the person is nearby so words like jumpoff or hoe is too obvious. it comes from the 10th letter of the alphabet and the 15th alphabet: 10=j and 15=o which translates to j.o. which is short for jumpoff
yo shorty right there is a 10-15

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