you use it when you are incredibly sad. it’s for when you find out something and ): doesn’t cover it.
guy: your granny died today when a t-rex getting a bl-w j-b fell on top of her car.

girl: )’,:

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  • doorner

    the act of covering your b-n-r with the door will answering it half-open and talking to the person on the other side. person a: well i had a big ‘un when my mom knocked and i had to answer it. person b: how did you get away person a: i was doornerring, bra.

  • door pop

    showing up unannounced or uninvited to someone’s place of residence, work site, or hangout. (pr-nounced “doh pop”) why did you door pop me man, i didn’t answer my phone because i was busy. that sould have been a hint not to come over!

  • flannel dash

    the situation that develops when a great deal of lint collects on your car’s dash due to a lack of cleaning. dude, armor all would take care of the serious flannel dash that you have in your car.

  • lard blimp

    1. object or person that consumes large amounts of fattening products, making them so very large resembling a blimp. 2. blimp that carries lard. 3. michael moore “daddy, look! it’s the lard blimp!” “no son, that’s just michael moore.”

  • flat front

    -noun 1. any living being that does not share the genital structure of a male being, thus not sharing the same mental capacity or ability to empathize or care. 2. someone with a v-g-n-. 3. a woman, female, or girl. 4. typically used when pointing out the general female population or a specific member of […]

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