1025 is the second most important number in homestuck, as can be seen on part of the banner of s cascade. 1025 also recurs multiple other times in homestuck.
“dennis was so wasted, man”
“if this was not at 1025, i don’t know what is.”

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  • shing show

    bladed weapon/sword i’ve got a shing show in my bag

  • throat stabber

    a large p-n-s omg! that guy last night destroyed my head game with that huge throat stabber of his!

  • mullerd

    to do something with power or aggression. can also be used to replace the word failed “he mullerd it” or “you’ve mullerd that”

  • pig sk*nk

    an overweight, unattractive homewrecker with dirty genitals and home like a pig pin. why did my man f-ck that pig sk-nk??

  • what are you f*cking gey

    is another way of asking that person if he or she/tranii has more than 56 chromosomes. (often a question said to a best friend) jerry: your a queer jeffery: what are you f-cking gey? jerry: i mean… i do have 145 chromosomes so… ya defined

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