1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

this is green day’s first compilation alb-m, consisting of all the songs off their first alb-m ’39/smooth’ (tracks 1-10), tracks 11-14 off the ep ‘slappy’, tracks 15-18 off the ep ‘1,000 hours’ and track 19 from the collaboration alb-m ‘the big one’.

it was released as a cd in 2003, but all of the songs were released in 1991.
members of green day at this stage were billie joe armstrong (vocals, guitar), ]mike dirnt] (b-ss, backing vocals) and john kiffmeyer aka al sobrante (drums).

the alb-m design and art was done by jesse michaels, member of operation ivy. green day cover op. ivy’s song ‘knowledge’ in the alb-m.

the cd features enhanced content including photos, fliers, original posters, video footage
one of the coolest green day collectables that isn’t over $20.
me: dude, i can’t think of the coolest green day cd ever that features extra-special features from when i wasn’t even born!
green day fan: you weren’t born then?! man you missed out on heaps of awesome sh-t. but it’s 1,039/smoothed out slappy hours which you shouldn’t forget.
me: … was that a hardcore green day fan not mistaking me for a tween who only likes american idiot because they saw the film clips on mtv? cool!

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