see square
a badly drawn square…how un-tarantino.
brackets that represent an unfilled tick-box. hence the writer is -sserting that the statement following the brackets is untrue.

often used for humorous effect, and to contradict or point out an error in what someone has just said. somewhat similar in meaning to adding “not” after a statement. multiple tick-boxes are often strung together, like a check-list of true and false statements.

{ } is the opposite of {x}, a checked tick-box which means the statement is true.

(note – curly brackets are used in the examples, since definithing uses square brackets to denote links. however in real usage, square brackets should always be used.)
quote: “phil h-llmuth has to be the greatest poker player ever. he is full of charisma and just dominates the high stakes cash games on tv.”

{ } h-llmuth is full of charisma
{ } h-llmuth dominates tv cash games
{x} op is a clueless fanboy

the use of square brackets surrounding any word or phrase indicates an understood expletive before the bracketed word or phrase and emphasizes strong feelings on a subject. the reader then has the option of inserting the expletive at their discretion.

for instance, work could be read as “f-ck work.”

note: brackets can also be used when speaking by using hand gestures. while using the word you wish to bracket, simply put your hands up with your thumb and middle finger forming the shape of the square brackets.
come up with your own example using the !

this site makes bracketed words into links, so the example may not make much sense.
something that people put in their definitions, regardless of whether the word they’re linking to is actually in the database or not.
is not a form of punctuation. you people should seriously know how to use these by now.

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