built during the end of the coldwar, 1081 was designed to be airlifted to avoid unwarranted entries. entry to this facilty requires socks and approval from any 2 council members often decided in intermission room. visitors are -ssigned specific seating too avoid interuptions to games night. failure to comply results to demotion and often blacklisted forever. disguised as a bungalow, 1081 is able to powerdown immediately quite often during bradvoidence forecasts.
c – waaa
noid – yo
c – someone is requesting permission to enter
noid – i’ll meet you in the office
the mecca for lost darkside souls. pilgrimages are undertaken during the most severe blizzard conditions. this facility is equipped with high tech electronics as well as enclosed bathroom bunker with enough entertainment to last 6 hours. recent upgrades have also inculded a bradar station.
c: heart attak pizza and 12 cans of rootbeer
pizza guy: where too?
c: 1081
pizza guy: is that a apartment?
code word for having to take a p-ss. especially for work purposes.
yo man ill be right back i gotta 1081 it.

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