109 Effect

big hairy p-n-s b-tch!
my lumpy crooked freak coak throbbed its way into your mouth… eeewwww the stds…

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  • final dew phenomenon

    the anomaly wherein, upon purchasing or securing the last of an available snack or beverage, the item in question tastes better knowing that n-body else can have it. in turn, this often sp-wns jealousy, awe, or grudging respect. “man, i got the last soda from the vending machine. it’s all mine, and it tastes amazing.” […]

  • final burst

    when you spray your p-n-s with axe near climax, light it on fire, and jam it in your partner potentially burning their insides or p-b-s. “my pr-ck ex-boyfriend thought it would be funny to final burst me, but in the end both are p-b-s lit on fire and left scars.”

  • kintard

    a mix of f-cking and r-t-rd, usually used in front of children so as not to expose them to foul language. example : tom crashes into a motorbike outside of a school as the kids are coming out. the rider of the bike replys “why the h-ll did you do that!?” tom replys “the moon […]

  • permanent collateral damage

    it is the process of being in the doggy style position and taking a beer bottle, cracking it upon your partners head, breaking it into small sharp pieces. then picking up a piece of gl-ss and cutting your p-n-s to where it bleads constantly, then sliding your d-ck into your partners v-g-n- intercoursly. taking a […]

  • ool rule

    the number one rule of any pool. no pee (p) in my pool. “welcome swimmers! this is my pool. in my pool we have rules. the number one rule is the ool rule. as u can see, there is no pee (p) in my pool, let’s try to keep it that way.”

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